Raven’s Feast of Yule

A Raven’s Feast of Yule

As the darkest part of the year comes upon us, there’s no better time to celebrate Winter Solstice then with our friends in Corvaria! Come to A Raven’s Feast of Yule on December 16,2017 in Redmond! There will be games, A&S Display, Bardic, and a feast of 4 removes – Around the table in Medieval Days! 1st remove will be a soup, 2nd will be an appetizer, 3rd will be the Main Course, and 4th will be a dessert.

We will be opening Arrows Rest (a private home of Jerri Weaver : 5959 NW Butler Ave, Redmond OR, 97756) to our guests from near and far at 10am and feast will be around 4pm, site closes at 7pm. There is no fee for the event, but the feast will be pre-paid which is $15 for adults and $8 for children 10 and under. Off board seating will be available. Please RSVP and get in touch with Aine Inghean ui Sithigh (modern name: Christine Riddle) or Ragna Brandulfsdottir (modern name: Jeri Weaver) about pre-paying for the feast at renfairgal79@gmail.com,  or Call 714-686-9573. Deadline for pre-payment for the feast is December 6th, 2017.