Newcomers Corner

Greetings to the Newcomer’s Corner! If you are reading this, you are interested in finding out more about the Shire of Corvaria and or,  recreating the Middle Ages.

Maybe you have seen one of our fighter practices downtown at Rivers Bend Park, Pioneer Park, or Juniper Park, Millers Landing, or Ponderosa Park. Also, maybe you have friends who have told you about us, or you have seen us at other events locally spreading the word about our group.

It is the Chatelaine’s job to answer any questions you might have. The Chatelain/e is the Newcomer Liaison and Media Representative.

Essentially, the Chatelaine welcomes guests at our events,(or any event) and help to describe what our group is and what we ‘do’. It is often said that everyone in the SCA is a chatelaine-many of our members will tell co-workers, neighbors or family about this hobby of ours, thus bringing more people to it! We help acclimate newcomers to many of the terms we use, and what is expected of them in Court. We help newcomers find what to wear, or find someone to help them create garb. We meet with the media, taking reporters around an event site and giving them information for articles. We help organize school and Scout troop demonstrations for their Middle Ages timelines. A Chatelaine’s job is not for the shy!

If you have any questions please contact, Vicomtesse Duana Traherne(known in the Modern Era as Victoria Brumley)
(She tries to answer within a few days).

If you are New to the Current Middle Ages and  you are at an event? Look for this Banner. Wherever you see this symbol it is an invitation. It means that those inside are particularly interested in saying hello and meeting you.

If you would like to find information about the local gatherings we have going on that you can attend please go on our events page.

If you are brand new and would like more information about the SCA:

The newcomers portal on the SCA website: Newcomers Portal

If you would like more information about upcoming events in our Principality or Kingdom please check out the links below:

The Principality website: Principality of the Summits

The Kingdom website: Kindom of An Tir

***The great thing is when you come to your first SCA event, you won’t need your own Garb (Medieval Clothing) but we do have a way to lend you Garb, if you are interested.