Business Meetings

Business meetings are scheduled through year end on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month via Zoom. Check back here, or the Facebook event on the Shire Page, on the day of the meeting for the Zoom link. Any schedule changes will be posted here as soon as known.

4/19 Business Meeting & Zoom Link

Join us at 6:30 pm via Zoom – Link Attendance:Officers Report: Seneschal – HL Rowan Keele Exchequer – HL Carrick O’Ryan Marshal – Viscount Tryggr Tyresson Chatelaine – Viscountess Duana Traherne Web Minister – HL Cassandra DeverouxOld Business: Bank Account Signers Open Officer Positionsa. Deputy Seneschalb. Deputy Exchequerc. Heraldd. Arts & Science Gold KeyNew Business: Read More